norbert walter peters
composer• sound artist
  music piece/music performance/
ars acoustica:

2017 "Die Unklardauer (downtime) - Hear Piece"
Ars Acoustica-Composition
(duration: 33:17 minutes), op.38;
2016 "Kafka wird wieder schreiben"
for four voices, percussion (grafic score),
prepared piano
Hear Piece of the Ars Acoustica
(duration: 53 minutes), op.36;

"D.A.S.H. - Hear Piece"
Ars Acoustica-Composition
(duration: 45:05 minutes), op.35;

"D.A.S.H. for four players and tape", op.34
- grapfic score -
(prepared Piano, Tenor-Saxophone, Viola, Percussion ad. lib.) - (duration 22:32).
2015 TIDE V #3
for String Quartet/Piano/Wind Quartet ad. lib.

2014 TIDE IV #4
for String Quartet/Piano/ Wind Quartet ad. lib.
"Strange piece - hence interesting",

Ian Shanahan, Australia

2011 Megacity #2 (Madrid)
Small Music
2010 Megacity #1 (Seoul)
Small Music

imphrontal - Sextett
for string quartet, double bass, percussion
(op. 31)

2009 depot
for solo percussion
(op. 30)

dépôt de beau songe
for 5string e-Bass con arco, 1 actor,
1 singer, voices, noises
(op. 26/28)

imphrontal - miniature
for string quartet
2008 imphrontal - miniatur electronics
Small Music FP 2009-12.05
2007 dépôt - le cerveau mégaville
for e-bass, voices, noises
(op. 28)
2006 beau - An Electric Fayerie
for electric violoncello, electric b flat clarinet,
percussion, slap e-bass,
tape (e-guitar/male voice)
(op. 27)
2005 beau - une féerie dialectique
for two male speaker (op.26)
2004 mériterechkîma
for two male actors, female singer, elektronics
(Guy de Bièvre, B), tape
(op. 25)
2003 notathíon - the lament of the repentant

for bass-German flute/flauto traverso/voice,
viola/viola d'amore, tape
(op. 24)
2002 nota.thión - après le Déluge
(after the Flood)
for male children's voice, old male voice
as narrators; female voice, violoncello
(op. 22)
2002 Magnificat
for six voice vocal ensemble,bassoon,
four percussionists, violoncello (op. 21)
2001 né-tchr - a music story
for deep male voice, female voice,
childrens voice, percussion,
boomerang-machine (op. 20)
  con'tinuo I
for female performer, violoncello, percussion
'ars acoustica performance' (op. 19)
2000 con'tinuo II
for 10 strings instruments, 4 percussionists,
bariton, alto, 2 performer m/f
'chamber opera' (op.18)
for solo percussion (op. 17)
1999 CavæTóna
for deep male voice,
percussion, electronics (op.16)
1998 Nocturne
for solo guitar (op.15)
1997 MaeTavoLik
for solo viola (op. 13)
for string orchestra, alto, e-guitar (op. 12)
1995 Mwavaaz
for soprano, female voice, fidel,
rebec, tape (op. 11)
for counter tenor, fidel, male voice,
tape (op. 10)
1993 Silenzio/Silence
for tape (op. 8)
1989 nach außen vor/von innen zu
with travers flute, poplar roaring
'music performance'
1988 flux - Hommage à Joseph Beuys
for e-bass/double bass, male voice
(op. 5)
with violoncello, female voice, rain tube
'music performance'
1987 ...womit man zum Ende kommt
for german flute, english horn, horn in F,
violoncello, 2 percussionists (op. 4)
1986 Kandinsky in Munich, 1910
for string quartet (op. 3)
1984 Zwei Skizzen
for german flute, viola, guitar (op. 2)
1983 Vier Novellen
for solo guitar (op.1)
2017 "Quis dabit mihi pennas"
Acoustic Sculptural Arte Povera Work
(endless track 5:04 minutes) op.37;
according to Franz Kafka "The Hunter Gracchus"
2008 imphrontal - urban brain zone
n.n. (space of a town)
(sound installation)

Small Music for a space
(op. 29)
2005 mériterechkîma
theatre Aachen
(sound installation) (op. 25)
2001 CavæTóna
Styrian Autumn ('music protocol'),
(sound installation) Graz A.
1999 Vasí-on
Donaueschinger Musiktage
(sound installation/performance)
1998 MaeTavoLik
Ludwig-Forum für Internationale Kunst Aachen
(sound installation/performance)
1994 Injunktion
Heidelberger Kunstverein
(sound installation) (op. 7)
1992 cAGE
Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken
exhibition: 'Hommage to John Cage'
(imaginary score)
Leopold-Hoesch-Museum Düren
4th International Biennal of Paperart
1991 Aktionsrelikte
Kunsthalle Kiel
Museet for Samtidskunst Roskilde DK
Galeria Rzezby Warschau PL
(sound installation)
Münster-Crypt Mönchengladbach
Kunst-Station Sankt Peter Köln
(acoustic way of the cross) (op. 6)
1989 camp site
(sound installation)
Castle of Stolberg
  Stetige Fahrt
Het Apollohuis Eindhoven NL
1988 Gravétti
Moltkerei Köln
Kunsthaus Palazzo Basel CH
1st International Copy Art Exhibition
Switzerland (performance)
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