norbert walter peters
composer• sound artist
  about 'imaginary scores'
(intermediary forms on paper):

The intermediary works (Imaginary
Scores): Vasí-on/CavæTóna/
are for March
constituent of the art collection
Dr. Werner Dohmen, Aachen. The
collection covers a. o. t. works of
Duchamps, Beuys, Paik, Kuball,
H. & B. Becher.


"How firmly music is merged as
ephemere art form into the duality of a
cause and an effect, shows the exhibition
with works... of the artist Norbert Walter
Peter, living in Aken/Aix-la-Chapelle/
Aquisgrana ...

The causes/motives for a composition
are appropriate rarely in the argument
with musical phenomena themselves.
Titles like L'après midi d'un faune or
pictures of an exhibition refer to contents,
which are situated outside of the music
as art form; and nevertheless win a shape
in the artistic transformation with
compositorical means, which farly
exceeds the associatively picturial of its
cause at impressiveness. The intensity, won
in such a way, intervenes deeply in the
experience ability of the listener, evokes
non-standard pictures or emotions.

With these conditions within the
intermediary area of musical work the
composer and sound artist Norbert
Walter Peters ... argued in his work. To
him, he doesn't concern the illustration of
these processes, but he concerns the artistic
argument with a cause and effect of
compositorical works.

'Imaginary Scores' Norbert Walter
Peters calls the usually small formed
works, which are presented in the
showcases of the Werkstadt-Gallery
Graz. They are constituent of the mode
of operation of the composer creating
in trilogies. Each of his works are
arranged into a space staging, a hear
piece and even those 'Imaginary
Scores'. Here Peters summarizes visual
impressions of space, landscape and
temporal output-maturing dimensions
sometimes far into precisely structured
representations. Like that, each detail
is loaded in position and materialitry
with concrete meanings. The everyday
impressions apparently often so disparat,
in such a way having may been the cause
for his artistic arguments, in the
'Imaginary Scores' under evenly the
term of the imagination they are united
to a unit. These scores are the
literature of the composer, not as
usual the manual of the interpreter.
The interpreter/instrumentalist as
transmitting instance is skipped here.
The viewer/listener himself becomes the

musicprotocol 2001 in the styrian autumn
ORF Steiermark/steirisch(:her:)bst
Annette Siffrin/Christian Scheib/
Fränk Zimmer

"The 'composed actions' of
Norbert Walter Peter are not only
created by the three-dimensionally
planning in the space. They are also
supported from the inside. There is on
the one hand the part arrangement
in his tapes, there are on the other
hand references to available
music, which by computational reference
systems and other references are referred
to the installations; the Fibbonacci Series
would be such a bridge. Peters
implemented such bridges about analogue
settings also in imaginary scores; they
represent the center piece of his
trilogical work principle. In the true
sense it is 'eye music', they are graphic
notations for seeing, which would be the
proverbial 'told lunch' to describe them in
the radio. But as starting point to the
notice of the internal, invisible also - where
possible - inaudible points of aim of the
work, in this context they are useful."

"I transport energy ..."
A portrait of the composer,
sound artist and musician
Norbert Walter Peters
from Reinhard Ermen
swr Baden-Baden/
DeutschlandRadio Cologne
2001-07-28 Studio for New Music

1993 "... Like reading a score, the usual
practice for sharpening the internal ear,
here an imagination is to be evoked,
which points out far beyond the looking ...
Thus the work, fixed in the score on a
spiritual level ground, wins a wide spectrum
of virtual realities and so removes the
traditional musical time-/space experience.
Peters formulates: 'It involves the appearance
of a music/art of removed time'."

Annette Siffrin
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