norbert walter peters
composer• sound artist
Papierbahn, Aktionsrelikt, Het Apollohuis 1989
2005 "meriterechkima -theater Aachen"
  radiophonic theatre- and space project
theatre Aachen
– season 2004/05
(4 loudspeaker;
actor with blue suit, drink bottle/glass;
actor with white shirt/black trousers;
actress with darken every-day wear,
hand bag/broken sun glasses/
object "mériterechkîma";
quadratic grey wooden platform 400 x 400 cm/
acryl-gold edge/alga dust;
4 round black tables,
4 black chairs/ochre-pigment)
  Foto: Frank Heller – theatre Aachen
  Installation "CavæTòna"
"musikprotokoll" - Styrian Autumn, Graz/A
Hotel "3 Raben"
(3 mono tape recorders, 3 endless tapes;
darkened hotel room 315;
young lady in white wear;
glass-vessel 140 x 25 mm/alga dust,
red matchbox „hotel drei raben graz“,
colored snapshot 100 x 150 mm: over the mur
in the direction of the mountain of the palace –
"1999-02-14“/blue inscription)
  Installation "Vasí-on"
Donaueschinger Musiktage
Pavilion in the park of the palace
(6 mono tape recorders, 6 endless tapes,
alga dust, gold-acryl, blue chalk,
  Installation "Injunktion"
Heidelberger Kunstverein
- Scholarship of the Deutscher Musikrat -
(12 mono tape recorders, 12 endless tapes,
alga dust, compost dust)
  Installation "EKSIT"
Kunst-Station St. Peter Cologne
(14 mono tape recorders, 14 endless tapes,
– selection –
textes installations