norbert walter peters
composer• sound artist
2014 • Giving concerts as Lutenist with the
duo for Ancient Music:
"Compendio de Musica"
2013 music online:

Deutschlandradio/Phonurgia Nova FR
"nota.thión - after the flood" 2005 (47')
2010-2013 music online:
Danish Radio
"beau - An Electric Fayerie", 2009 (48')
"dépôt de beau songe", 2010 (52')
2006 Wikipedia Registration/en
Wikipedia Insription/fr
- 2010
assignments for composition by
broadcasting corporations at home
and abroad:
acoustic sculpturally projects in the
• context of the Donaueschinger
• Musiktage
and the Styrian autumn
(‚music protocol‘).
ars acoustica projects: for the
• Bayerischer Rundfunk in co-operation
with the t-u-b-e - Gallery for
Radiophonic Art Munich
; for the
Deutschlandradio Kultur Berlin in
co-operation with the Südwestrundfunk
; for
• Radio France Culture in co-operation
with Deutschlandradio Kultur Berlin/
Goethe-Institut Paris; for the
• Bavarian Radio in co-operation
with the Saarländischer Rundfunk
and the Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken.
As well as
• a theatre production of the Theater Aachen:
radiophonic theatre- and space
project „mériterechkîma“.
• assignment for composition by the
German Radio-Philharmonics Saarbruecken
Kaiserslautern (SR/SWR)
• assignment for composition by the
Deutschlandradio Kultur Berlin
The music of Norbert Walter Peter is
since then constantly presented in
broadcasting programs and events at
home and abroad: Australia and
New Zealand, Asia, South America, Israel
as well as West- and Eastern Europe.


motivic union of the artistic works as
music (music piece/music performance/
ars acoustica);
space (sound installation/tone staging/
picture (intermediary form: imaginary score).

- 1993
guest lecturer at the Saarbrouck Academy
of Fine Arts, D
(composition and space experience)
- 1991
conception and organization of the
Audio Art Series „.... KLÄNGE„ (as guests
a. o. t. Rolf Julius, D; Terry Fox, USA/D;
Henning Christiansen, DK; Walter
Fähndrich, CH) and the EUREGIO
Composition Competition for solo double
bass (as a guest interpreter Tadeusz
Wielecki, I/PL; jury: Wolfgang Guettler,
Manfred Niehaus, Herbert Nobis) in the
Castle of Stolberg as well as the
Performance Art Series in the Neuer
Aachener Kunstverein
(guests: a. o. t.
Thomas F. Fischer, D; Teresa Murak, PL).
turn strengthened to the Fine Arts (performance/installation), following
numerous invitations of Galleries,
Museums, Forums for Fine Arts at
home and abroad: a. o. t. Basel, CH;
Eindhoven, NL; Warsaw. PL; Roskilde,
DK; Kiel, Heidelberg, Berlin, Cologne, D.
- 1986
concert activities as Lute player
a. o. t. with the ensemble for ancient
music: „Compendio de Musica“.
activities as music reviewer and free
journalist as well as since then activities
as a teacher of a musical instrument:
Concert Guitar, E-Guitar, E-Bass,
Vocal Coaching.
- 1984
composition with Herbert Nobis, Aken.
student-like opera performance in the
Theater Aachen: a. o .t.  together with the
Wagner singer Hartmut Welker and the
concert singer Klaus Mertens (Carl Orff
„Die Kluge“).
In between calling up to the civil service
in a hospital.
Afterwards studies of guitar and renaissance
lute (Tadashi Sasaki), singing as well as
scientific researches for the music of the
Spanish Renaissance; Diploma about
a „Contrasting analysis of the Lute Fugue
in g-minor BWV 1000, Violin Fugue in
g-minor BWV 1001 and Organ Fugue in
d-minor BWV 539 of Johann Sebastian
- 1981
studies at the Staatliche Musikhochschule
Rheinland (Academy of Music). At first
music theatre (Peter Massmann) and
singing (Else Bischof-Bornes).
took place the first compositions and
concerts: above all songs with own texts.
The first guitar teacheris Hans Michael
Koch; singing lessons; further concerts
and broadcast production (WDR3 Cologne:
Schönberg (songs) with the
Junge Chor Aachen.
beginning of the musical activities as an
autodidact in the subject guitar.
experience of poplar roaring as
acoustic sculpturally event in space.
1957 fascinatet from the possibilities of a
Grundig tape recorder of the uncle
from Hamburg.
  1954   03-17 born in Stolberg/Aachen
(Aix-la-Chapelle/Aquisgrana) D.
  1953/54   intra uterine shaping by the singing mother.
– selection –